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Who we are

Who we are


Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust, (BYST), as the name suggests, is a platform for empowering Indian youth to turn their business ideas into profitable enterprises, with guidance and support of a mentor.  With an aim to channelize the power of India’s youth towards economic development, BYST’s principles are based on the famous words of Mr JRD Tata- “If we touch one life, it has the potential to transform the lives of a billion people”.

 A unique non-profit organisation, we are a perfect blend of the Prince of Wales Youth Business Trust (PYBT) and India’s age-old, time honoured, ‘guru-shishya’ tradition, where-in mentors train, support, monitor and help young aspiring entrepreneurs. By adopting the ancient guru-shishya “parampara”, BYST mentors instill values and a sense of self-confidence in their respective mentees. This  dream project of Ms Lakshmi Venkatesan over 25 years ago, today we have spread our wings across the nation, supporting and mentoring thousands of young entrepreneurs through our mentor network.

 We continuously endeavor to ensure that fledgling business ideas of young disadvantaged youth of India, mature into viable enterprises, thereby transforming job seekers into job creators, eventually increasing employment by tenfold. These young gramprenuers  come with various handicaps like school dropouts to differently abled to the financially disadvantaged.

 With support from BYST, several young men and women are able to bring their ideas alive creating the multiplier effect on jobs. BYST has also empowered hundreds of women to become financially independent. The support is two-fold: financial assistance through partner banks and valuable mentoring support from industry leaders, along with training, business development and networking support.

Mentors play a crucial role in this institution. They form the backbone of the BYST model. Over 4,800 mentors, with diverse backgrounds such as finance, marketing, management, administration etc., voluntarily come together to ignite and promote the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst thousands of young job seekers in India.

 BYST’s success has been underpinned by Indian industry coming forward voluntarily to mentor Indian youth. Over the last 25 years and more we have received strong support and commitment of the Indian corporates as well as the Confederation of Indian Industry.  

Over the years BYST has expanded and set up regional clusters in NCR Delhi (Faridabad and Gurgaon), Tamil Nadu (Chennai), Maharashtra (Pune, Aurangabad and Wardha), Odisha (Jajpur and Rayagada), Telangana (Hyderabad) and in the State of Assam. As of September 2017, BYST had counselled over 5,10,000 youth nationwide and supported 6,600 entrepreneurs with financial assistance of over Rs 233 crore through its Bank Partners. It has also provided mentoring support through its 4,800 trained and accredited mentors who are volunteers drawn from the Industry. These entrepreneurs in turn have created employment for over 2,50,000 people, 10 percent of whom have become millionaires and have won both International and National Awards.

“It is not money alone that will solve an entrepreneur’s problems. Guidance and handholding are the key to any kind of success”. - Ms Venkatesan, founding trustee and executive vice president of Bharatiya Yuva Shakti Trust

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